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Easter in Greece

Easter is one of the most incredible moments to visit Greece.
Ideal to experience the country at its finest and steer clear from the crowds.

Indulge in the centuries-old traditions and the amazing gastronomy
and experience Greek Easter with our exclusive website offer!



We will welcome you with a special Easter box room amenity including a fresh Tsoureki, Easter eggs, and delicious Easter cookies.
A special dinner buffet for Good Friday with delicious meals, appropriate for those who are fasting. 
You get to a enjoy a dedicated lunch and dinner on Holy Saturday, celebrating the Greek Easter culinary tradition.
4.    On Easter Sunday we will celebrate in the original Greek style with roasted lamb in a fire pit and Live Music or a DJ Set from 12:00-16:00 

*Please not that the services and extras vary per hotel

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From side to side, Greece celebrates Easter in all its glory. Every day holds a different event, such as the procession of "Epitafios" the flower-clad deathbed of Christ which is paraded around the town, with locals following on foot, holding candles. Of course, Easter Sunday is a day of joy and celebration, with traditional music, dance and food taking the lead! An experience that will change your life!

The food

Greek culinary tradition is in itself reason enough to visit the country. But during Easter it is an absolute dream for the gastronomy lovers. We have prepared for you an array of unique to the season dishes so that you can indulge in the most delightful way in the extraordinary local culture and customs! Taste the traditional “Mageiritsa” on Good Friday, a delightful local soup filled with herbs! Of course, no Easter is complete without the traditional Easter lamb and endless live music!


If you opt for Corfu, you're in for a treat! The Easter in Corfu is unique in every way and it includes the special custom of "Botides" a festivity where the locals throw traditional clay pots while the numerous philharmonic orchestras fill the air with traditional music. Unmissable!