Brown Hotels Accessibility statement

Accessibility statement

We, at Brown Hotels, believe in equal opportunities for the entire population and do everything we can to protect the dignity and rights of people with disabilities and allow them to stay comfortably in our hotels.

Most of the hotels provide wheelchair access, including ramps, rooms with wide doors, bathrooms and restrooms with hand grips and supplementary equipment.

On our website you can use the accessibility module which allows easy and convenient browsing for all users, including adjusting the font size, highlighting links, animation blocking, contrast adjustment and more.

Custom room reservations can be made at our Reservations Center, where there is a skilled staff to help each guest find the ideal room for him/her. Dial 03-9747045 or * 9646

In addition, you can contact the accessibility coordinator, Mr. Benny Marom, telephone: 052-6167220
Email: [email protected]