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Dave Red Athens
Son of a Brown goes Athens
Brown Hotels Athens Dave Red Athens

The rebellious face of Athens

Downtown Underground


DAVE Red is the youngest "Son of Brown" and he’s as fun as it gets. The DAVES are infamous for their lack of conventions, but here we went all the way. Join our quirky mix of unapologetically urban design, funky props,
top-notch, unexpected services, and a location right at the beating heart of the scene. You know how you always hear about exploring the real face of Athens?


Well, this is it.

Ground zero of the explosive Athenian nightlife.
Come on in, walk straight to the bar.
Grab a beer, let’s have fun.

The Lobby


Officious welcoming with rigid mannerisms? Nah, that’s not us. We’re the vintage-loving, exploration-addicts, enthusiastic kind of crowd. Grab some popcorn and your keys, and let our colleagues brief you on the hottest action in town.
Welcome, join the party.

You’re one of us now, let’s show you around!





We are playful, that’s for sure. But there’s one thing we don’t f**k with, and that’s the quality of our services. We keep our spirits and our standards high. Our rooms encapsulate our personality. Eclectic with urban tendencies and a strong dash of madness. Heads up for our unique Foxy Room, featuring a round bed. Do not miss our in-room love box! Operate with care…Our values are exposed in Dave. No, not just exposed. Stark naked.
What you see is what you get. Unapologetic, carefree, curious, fun.  That’s who we are.
Join us!

Choose Your Room



Vibrant is an understatement to the feel of this location.
Omonia is a bustling melting pot, a crazy mix of cultures, the absolute proof that this city never sleeps.
The center of it all. Flea markets with the coolest stuff you can imagine? Check!

Awesome bars featuring from molecular cocktails to artisanal beer? Double check!
Chilled, easy-going restaurants with local cuisine and youthful residents? Triple check! 
The best samples of graffiti to be seen in Athens? Oh yeah! 

Discover the thrilling counter-culture of Kerameikos, the instagrammable, organic, and utterly delicious side streets of the Central Market of Athens, the crazy blend of shops, bazaars, and trendy cafés that is the area of Psyrri. Everything, just a few minutes’ walk away from the hotel. 


The bar -
Coming Soon

Easygoing, unpretentious, and ready to serve. That's how we like it. If you feel like grabbing a bite, our bar has an array of scrumptious options. From our grab-and-go breakfast, to our signature, grandiose, borderline offensive meat monster of a burger, we'll make sure you are well fed and happy. Operated by the team of Six Dogs, local legends in creating talk-of- the-town bars, your fun and munching is assigned to the best hands in town.

The Rooftop - Coming Soon

A true urban birdnest of a terrace!

Just head up the stairs, and out to our rooftop!

Naturally, our signature hot tub is here. Our massage room as well! What’s also here, is our thirst-quenching-24/7-never-draining-absolutely-free sparkling wine tap! Go ahead. Refill your glass as much as you want and enjoy your exclusivity, while gawking at the urban landscape spreading before you.

Design & Fun

We really like what we like, and it shows.

Retro design and hand-picked vintage pieces, bright colors and industrial elements.

That’s how we roll!

Browse our collection of racy art and design magazines, flip through our vinyls, or try your hand on the eight-ball.

Just jump into our world!
We keep it chilled and breezy.


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Dave Red
Brown Hotels Athens Dave Red Athens

Dave Red Athens

Summer Offer 
20% off

Craving for a summer getaway? 
We've got your back!


Book by: Sept 30th
Valid for: Jun 10th - Sept 30th

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Dave Red Athens

Autumn, yeah!
Up to 25% Off!

You know what they say about the early bird, eh? 
The best offer you can get, exclusive on our website!

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Dave Red Athens

Sexy Thing

Join us with a sexy attitude!

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