Brenner House
The Good Old
Brown Hotels מלון בראון ברנר האוס

New Boutique Hotel in Tel Aviv

Brown Brenner House

Step into the Glamorous Tel Aviv of the 1950s. Embracing the past & elevating elegance we proudly unveil the transformed icon on Brenner Street into a retro-chic boutique haven. Nestled in the historic heart of the White City, a few steps from the Carmel Market, Sheinkin Street and the beach. Brenner House offers garden-adorned ground floor sanctuaries with rainfall showers to lavish suites. Relax in our chill out zone, get down to business in our meeting room, recharge in our fitness haven, take a break in our spacious lobby, and anticipate the arrival of our soon to open gourmet chef's restaurant. Whether you seek a place to rest your head during a corporate sojourn or an urban retreat in this magnificent metropolis, Brenner House is a seamless fusion of rich heritage and contemporary ingenuity. .









Step into the alluring spirit of the 1950s Tel Aviv, embodied in each of our 143 hotel sanctuaries. A Fusion of Nostalgic Bohemian Charm with a nod to understated splendor creates a timeless elegance, enhanced by modern interpretations. Select your sanctuary from chic solos to lavish suites, garden-enveloped havens, and expansive suites boasting open-air rain showers.

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The Location

Nestled at the epicenter of the White City, Brenner House is your gateway to the vibrant rhythm of the Carmel Market and the Oh So Chic Shenkin Street. Venture beyond to discover the buzz of more iconic markets including Bezalel Market and Nahalat Binyamin Artists' Market. Embrace the art of exploration, take a short stroll to Shenkin Street, Rothschild Boulevard, Neve Tzedek, and the sandy shores of the Med. Our suggestion-meander amidst cafés, galleries, bars, and clubs, and surrender to the rhythms of Tel Aviv's rich history and modern vibe..

Design - Dana Oberzon Studio

"The Hotel's Design Whisks Us Back to the Golden Era, to the Radiant Tel Aviv of the 1950s and 60s," shares architect Dana Oberzon, the creative force at the helm of the design studio tasked with crafting the hotel's meticulous aesthetics. The vision embraces simplicity and minimalism, hallmarks to the State's formative years, intertwined with nostalgic bohemian flair and timeless elegance with a nod to refined simplicity. It narrates the tale of Brenner 5's legacy and Tel Aviv's soul achieved through artful preservation and restoration of the original plaster hue and texture.

The Story

May 1934 marked the foundation stone, ceremoniously placed for Brenner House, the iconic council manor of Tel Aviv, a tribute to the literary maestro Yosef Haim Brenner. Over time the building housed headquarters for secretariats and the administration of the Tel Aviv Workers' Council, professional unions, and prominent assemblies, amongst these, the metal and wood workers' unions stood tall. Thus, Brenner House evolved into a bastion of civic significance within the urban tapestry. Throughout its history, Brenner House has stood as a dynamic hub of culture, playing host to captivating lectures, literary premieres, mesmerizing concerts, and even welcoming influential politicians and cultural figures.


Venture beyond our doors to discover the finest cafes, just steps away. Within a mere minute's stroll, you'll find yourself amidst the cream of the crop,
creating a perfect morning ritual to elevate your day.
Cafe Amalia/Shenkin 17/ Bicicletta/Cafe Birnbaum/HaShomer
Kickstart your day with a delicious meal, explore the markets, visit galleries, and embrace the city at its finest. Your ultimate urban escapade starts here.

Spa Sanctuary

Amidst the nostalgia, perfect location, and the authentic vibe of Tel Aviv, take a moment to indulge in self-care with a professional and lavish spa treatment.
Luxuriate in our exclusive treatment chambers, couples' haven, and a rejuvenating sauna. Your path to relaxation and revitalization awaits.

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