Brown Hotels x Art Athina

Brown Hotels Art Athina

Art meets hospitality!

Join us from the 16th of March to the 26th of April and see our lobbies transform into an art gallery with the unique curation of Art Athina! We will be featuring  the most exciting contemporary artists in Greece and we can’t wait to show you!

Our love of art and culture is at the core of our hospitality! This is why we collaborated with Art Athina, the leading art institution in Greece. We created a pop-up exhibition which will walk you through each one of our lobbies, showcasing the works in alternating environments. After all, what is a lobby if not an unconventional meeting space? And, of course, the ideal location to come in contact with original art!



Participating hotels:

Brown Lighthouse
Βrown Kubic
Dave Red
Βrown Acropol



Participating galleries:
Agathi Kartalos
Alibi Gallery
Allouche Benia Gallery
Alma Contemporary Art Gallery
Art Zone 42
Artower Agora
ASTROLAVOS art galleries
Athens Art Gallery
CAN Christina Androulidaki gallery
Dio Horia
ekfrasi - yianna grammatopoulou
Eleftheria Tseliou Gallery
Gallery 7
Gallery Art Prisma
Kalfayan Galleries
Peritechnon Karteris art gallery
Rebecca Camhi Gallery
Roma Gallery
Skoufa Gallery
Technohoros art gallery
Zoumboulakis Galleries gallery