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We believe that your experience at our hotels should be soulful and complete.
That’s why we collected all of our best promotions and benefits for your stay!
You are welcome to choose whether to stay longer, take a spa treatment or go to a good show in the city you are staying at.

What is your ultimate vacation?
Feel free to choose from our excellent packages at the Brown Hotels collection in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Eilat and Greece. 


 Up to 20% off for Summer Break
Can you feel the heat? We have a special offer for July and August!
Choose your Brown now and enjoy the best spots to explore in this Israeli summer

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Brown Hotels Special Deals

Tel Aviv Hotels

Pride 2022


Book at least 5 nights and get a free spa treatment.
(Trust us when we say you’ll need a break from all the parties).

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Book your room 45 days in advance and enjoy an exclusive discount of 12% on our official rates!


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5% Off for 
Booking Online

5% discount when booking online! Valid in all Brown Hotels, the discount is included in all rates published on our online booking engines. For a complete list of our current discounts and to make a room reservation:


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Last Minute Deal

Feeling Spontaneous?
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Book your room for today or tomorrow night and save 15% for the first and second nights of your stay. 

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