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A first glimpse of the new boutique  hotel in Tel Aviv

How does it feel to spend a night at a hotel 500 meters from home? We sent our reporter for 21 hours at the new "Lighthouse" hotel in Tel Aviv, which was built in a mythological building built in 1972

I was in charge of a suitcase, and when he saw that I had taken charge of the package he asked if I had taken everything. "At most, we'll jump for a minute," I answered confidently. "We really do not want to reach such a situation at all," he scolded, and I thought to myself that it just makes sense, but still reassures me that we are only a few minutes away from home.

With this reassuring thought, we walked to the intersection of Ben Yehuda and Allenby Streets, to the new "Lighthouse" hotel from the Braun network in Tel Aviv

Now it was my turn to get into the "foreign" shoes and play a tourist for a few hours. So we started walking and it was really nice. The suitcase was sailing on the pavements that had seen far more wheelchairs than suitcases. And here we have already reached our destination: the Whitehouse Hotel.
The hotel is located in the Lighthouse building. A mythological Tel Aviv building dating from 1972, located two minutes walk from the beach, seven minutes from the Carmel Market and a few minutes' walk from trendy restaurants and bars in the city

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