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Brown Hotels Brown Spa at the King David Lounge

Brown Spa at the King David Lounge

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with EL AL. EL AL customers with access to the prestigious King David Lounge, can now enjoy pampering spa treatments with Brown Spa's finest therapists at no additional cost.
Take the time to relax and relieve the stress as you kick off your vacation!

3 types of quality treatments:  

Brown Up Town - Focuses on the head and neck areas and ensures a peaceful and relaxed experience that relieves stress and tension. The massage is done using a unique technique of shiatsu compressions along the meridians.
Brown Mid Town - Focuses on the back and shoulder areas to release the muscular muscles, using a technique that combines traditional Swedish massage.
Brown Down Town - Focuses on the area of ​​the feet that is useful for blood flow and a sense of lightness and freshness, especially before a long flight.

Sunday through Thursday, 4PM through Midnight
A unique and designed treatment room, located on the gallery floor of the King David Lounge, wing D, Ben-Gurion Airport
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