Brown Hotels Architecture&Design

History & Architecture

At the end of the 19th century, planting tobacco was a feasible idea in Trogir region since the land was fertile, and in 1892 representatives of the Austrian Hungarian Tobacco Board came to visit Trogir Municipality and decided to start planting tobacco and to open buying and storing station. Under Franz Ferdinand, the heir to the Austrian Hungarian throne, a suitable location was found in Čiovo, next to the Church of Our Lady by the sea.


The "Duhanka" building, now Brown Beach House, was planned and constructed by Zagar brothers and had a great significance for this region. This tobacco building proclaimed modern and avant-garde architecture. It has a basement, a ground floor and four high ceiling floors under a slanted roof. The facade is decorated in rectangular shaped stones. The windows are rectangular, slightly elongated in a horizontal sense, except on the first floor where the ending is semi-circular. In the past, there were three large rooms on each floor for storage; two rooms with an area of about 140 m² and one of about 240 m². The building was used in tobacco industry and ''Duhanka'' tobacco company production of cigarettes filters operated here until 1982. 

Style & Design

The Duhanka building was beautifully restored and combined with the hip, contemporary furnishings in 2016. The design concept was developed by Saar Zafrir, the Amsterdam-based designer whose portfolio includes luxury spaces and the hottest design hotel properties across Europe. In Saar’s concepts many different elements are taken into consideration to create impressive designs which are at the same time intimate and different. He believes the initial story for the design comes from the location and inclines in connecting the hotel to the culture of the area. The next crucial thing is paying attention to the details since they have great impact on the experience. This approach is very much visible in the design of the Brown Beach House, a sophisticated and luxurious yet unpretentious and cosy hotel. The colours, materials and sublime details create a relaxing and warm environment, a perfect starting point for enjoying the wonders of the Adriatic seaside.


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